Sunday, 8 December 2013

A thief in the night….

There is a thief that came in the very dark hours of the night. He came under my door as a black vapor I was sleeping so peacefully, so happy. He entered in the air I breathed. As I slept he went to work. He snaked through, tearing veins here and nerves there. My brain became his playground. Oh how he enjoyed it, the damage of it. Oh how he laughed when he saw the unforgiving pain he gave me. Then he moved to my emotions those where his favorite seeing how close he could push me until taking my own life. When they came to catch him they thought he had left. However he was still hiding very deep inside waiting to come out again and cause mischief. He stole my life; he stole my family, friends and my job. He stole how I enjoyed the wind on my face or an ice cold glass of tea on a hot summer day. He stole the feel of the human kiss and the caress of my face. Sleep is my only release, there I can have the life I once had...there is no pain there but in that sleep I know he may be waiting, waiting to come out and play. Then he smiles as I am awake and the pain begins all again
By Lori Bowen

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