About Us

There are three of us at End Trigeminal Neuralgia, each of us from different parts of the world. We got to know one another through Facebook TN support groups.

There are actually quite a lot of support groups for the sufferers. But we felt something else was needed. Not just another support group, but an awareness group. A group to try to explain to the non-sufferer what TN is, and also what it is like to live with the condition.

So, End Trigeminal Neuralgia was born.

December 2012, we created our Facebook page and our own private support group for sufferers and close family members.

We put our heads together (though very painful at times) and make awareness posters, videos, cartoons and write poems. We share our work with support groups, with health pages, doctors' pages, even neurology pages. We asked those following our page to share our work, and gradually our numbers have grown.

We started to realise there was also a need for information. None of us are in the medical profession, so are obviously unable to give medical advice. However, with the help of some followers, we have been able to put together some helpful non-medical advice for sufferers. It can be found here. For medical advice, we always advise people to speak to doctors, go to hospital etc. There are also some web sites with very good information. Two very reputable sites are the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association in the UK and the Facial Pain Association in US.

We are all about raising awareness. With more awareness, there is more hope.

And TN sufferers need hope