Sunday, 6 October 2013

I have a life
It was given to me
A precious gift
A world to see

The pain has come
It was given to me
A moment in time 
Taken from me

A feeling of fear
It was given to me
Nowhere to turn
Take it from me

Please give me an answer
Please give it to me
I want the life
That was given to me
By Anita Springer


A Kiss

How can such a gentle touch
A kiss
A sweet caress
Become such pain

Once I welcomed the feel
Of my lovers's hand
His lips upon mine
The gentle closeness of love

Pain has taken the place
Of the joy
Of the unexpected kiss
The gentle caress of my face

Inwardly I cringe in fear
Hoping he doesn't see
The dread I hide
When he comes near

Will his touch cause me pain
Will his kisses sear
Send burning waves
Shocking stabs
Stinging zaps
Across my face

The unseen cost
Of love and affection
The fear
The dread
The inconsolable sadness
Of what I have lost
Is the pain I hide
by Allison Ramirez

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