Friday, 9 August 2013


© 2013 End Trigeminal Neuralgia
T is the TORTURE you put us through
R is RESENTFUL - that’s how I feel about you
I is the ISOLATION we often feel
G the GRUELING pain with which we deal
E - it’s EXCRUCIATING, that’s how it is
M - I’m so MEDICATED, my head’s in a tizz

I - Can I emphasise how ISOLATED we feel
N - is the NERVOUSNESS, even just eating a meal
A is for the AGONY, I go through every day
L for LONESOME, friends seem driven away

N for the NEEDLES, which appear from some place
E - they’re ELECTROCUTING, jagging into my face
R is for RELENTLESS, it just doesn’t give me a break
V has to be for VIOLENT, it just makes me ache

E - can only be for EXASPERATED

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